God is the Only One

Why God is the Only One?

Monotheistic, abraham’s religions say that God is the Only One and there can not be other gods, except the only God. Particularly Christianity  claims this idea too.

But why God is the only one? Why can’t be few gods as, for example, in pagan religions of the ancient world, where Zeus and Poseidon, Hades and Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto existed, or as our ancestors, ancient  Slavs  had  Perun, Veles, Svaroh. Who told and where did it come from that God must be the only one?

Yes, Bible says openly that God is the only one and there are no other gods in general and can not be. But what can we say to those, for whom Bible is not the authority?

Again we apply to the philosophy. Let’s remember, what I’ve written in the article «Where did God come from?» I wrote, that God is the Absolute! The absolutely Absolute! And this is very important to know and to understand.

What does it have to do with our subject? The Absolute is everything in everything! He occupies all the time, space, matter, information, all material and non-material world. Absolutely everything belongs to the Absolute! And nothing can be that is not from the Absolute and that doesn’t belong to the Absolute. And if there is something absolutely unconnected, separate, original from the Absolute then the Absolute has never been or even existed!

Because then the Absolute would not occupy everything, it would not be absolutely eternal or would not occupy all space, so it would not be absolutely endless and all-embracing, if there was something absolutely independent of the Absolute. Therefore, if we use a philosophical concept of the “Absolute”, we must understand that the Absolute is absolutely everything and nothing can be outside.

The analogy of the Divine absolute is mathematical universe which is a set including all possible meanings. Mathematical universe  should be  the only one.

For the same reason there can not be two or more Absolutes. Because if we imagine the existence of two or more Absolutes,  then one of them wouldn’t  be the Absolute. Because none of them will have everything and occupy everything. Therefore it can not be two or more true gods. For this reason gods of pagan religions are not absolute and can not be absolutes, therefore none of them can be a true real God.

Real God is the Only One!

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