Right vs profitable

As I promised in the article «Moral experiment» I am going to write you how to explain the results of our experiment.

First of all I’d like to remind you the main peculiarity of my experiment: it shows the fundamental difference between profitable and right. Why did I mark out this difference? Now I will try to explain this.

Let’s begin from the question Who takes the final decision in making the choice and how should we behave ourselves? Don’t you guess? We ourselves, of course. Our self. Our mind. Our personality. Just our mind always takes the final decision in making the choice how to behave and nothing or nobody except this. It goes without saying.

Now let’s think what decision is appropriate to our mind? I will help you a little bit, it is a rational decision, from Latin ratio means mind. I mean rational decision means rational decision. And then what is rational decision?

Rational decision or action is considerable, suspended decision that was taken on the choosing of right choices, comparing different variants and taking into consideration many factors, it is also profitable and worthwhile decision.

Reihsberg B.A., Lozovsky L.Sh., Starodubtseva E.B.. Modern Economical Dictionary. – 2 edition, edited by M.: Infra – M. 479 p..1999.

So rational decision is profitable, worthwhile decision. What is the profit and practicability of variant B? Especially in contrast to the variant A? And you know what? There in no practicability!!!!! Yes, I mean what I mean, there is no profit and advantages in variant B!!! And what then? Is it logically and rationally to choose variant A? But we feel that it’s wrong, not right! We know exactly that variant B is right! So how can it be? How can we know that variant B is right? How can it be right if it’s not profitable? (When I speak about profit, I mean only material, financial profit ).

I have only one answer. If the last decision is taken by our mind, then the feeling that is going from conscience is addressed to our mind. Yes exactly to the mind, because only with our mind we understand that variant B is right. But how does the feeling react on mind and how can it demand something from the mind? Can we demand our mind to realize the one-valued right answer of variant B, even if it’s harmful for us. Such feeling can proceed from other Mind, other Personality! Because only other mind can show our mind what is right and what is wrong and how to behave. Moreover it is not only other equal to our mind. No, this Mind acts as if it is inside our personality, and not outside as other equal personalities. But that is not all. The moral sense makes us feel and realize the objectivity and absoluteness of moral laws.

And our experiment helps to check practically the objectiveness and absoluteness of “law of faithfulness”. This law we can clearly see when we make choices in our moral experiment. We realize that “law of faithfulness” is always right no matter of culture, society or historical period. We realize that on the example of “law of faithfulness” all moral laws are fundamental laws and basis of the universe.

Is there any other Mind that can act inside our personality? What Mind can establish fundamental laws of the Universe?

Only the High Mind, the High Personality. The Personality – the Beginning.


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