About natural human rights or How the UN admitted the existence of God

The topic of fight for human rights was always very popular and actual, and nowadays it is obvious that all people have got natural and inalienable rights. But what or who is the source of these rights? What rights are really natural and inalienable and what are not? Can such rights as right on abortion or special rights for sexual minorities be natural?

Well-known Universal declaration of human rights from 1948 that declared and legally admitted the fact that a human has got natural rights such as right for life, freedom etc.

The main catalyst of this decision were the atrocities of Nazis and Holocaust that took away lives of millions innocent people. Nazis used the ideas of evolutionism of Ch. Darwin and eugenics of Fr. Galton cousin of Ch. Darwin for building their racist theories and afterwards practical programmes such as The programme of Euthanasia and The Final decision of Jewish question. The Nazis approved the law that Jews are not the people, they are worse than animals that’s why they should be deprived of all their rights and even exterminated.  So that’s it! Everything is so simple! When there was the international tribunal in Nuremberg above Nazis their defence acted very cunningly. The advocates of Nazis declared that according to the laws of those days Germany the Nazis were clean and not guilty! What law did they break? Everything was by law. It was very serious problem for justice. The only way out to reestablish justice and condemn Nazism was the acceptance by the whole world the natural and inalienable human rights even by atheistic USSR that really didn’t want to accept this but there was no choice.

You can ask what does it have to do with God? And here it is! Let us think what are in fact inalienable or natural human rights, human rights by nature what does it mean?

Let’s look into the declaration and read

Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,

Article 3.

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

What do we see here? We see the law of behavior for people. It is a behavioral law for all reasonable creatures. It means what you can or can’t do in one or another situation. Obviously that these law were formulated by reasonable creatures or a creature. How  could they appear other way? And many of you will say that obviously the people invented, wrote down and legally accepted human rights, but STOP! Why people?  It is said inalienable so natural human rights, human rights from nature. How could people invent inalienable rights, natural laws, and laws of nature? In fact natural laws are laws of nature not worse from laws of conservation or thermodynamics. If people invented these laws then they wouldn’t be laws of nature, they would be the laws of people.  And different people would think different of them and change these rights as they wish and they would be right and nobody could condemn them. The same as it was impossible to condemn the Nazis according to the laws of Nazi Germany. But not and we read that exactly inalienable or natural laws! Or laws of nature! How can it be? So it comes out that there are laws of behavior for reasonable creatures that are invented by people! But if it would be so they wouldn’t be natural but HUMAN! And it means – not inalienable! But they are natural, so not invented by people! They are invented for sure because these are laws of behavior for reasonable creatures and only the Intellect could create something similar! How unreasonable nature can create that? The natural laws of behavior are not created by nature, the nature can not think, it is not reasonable. There is only one answer – absolute natural laws are created by some Higher Almighty Intellect that is able to invent laws of behavior that are laws of nature. And in fact it is God! He gave us our rights and nobody else!

By the resolution of human rights the UNO actually admitted the existence of God, though it didn’t declare it publicly, but obviously the existence of inalienable natural human rights means the existence of God! There are no other variants! Because of this reason atheists-lawyers do not like to admit the theory of absolute law.

On this side the struggle between atheists for natural human rights looks funny and how denying God by words practically they accept the same God in their lives.

But yet more paradoxically and ridiculously look the fight for right on abortion or special rights for sexual minorities, actually fighters for such “natural human” rights appeal to the same natural absolute human rights, which prove the existence of God. But they require such “rights” that God actually can not stand. How are unborn people deprived of natural right for life and why do we call this “rights” for women? What the devilish foolishness? And this is the devilish foolishness and devilish lie when rights given us by God are distorted so much that become basis for killing innocent people! Then how do the laws of Nazis who call Jews “not people” differ from these “rights” that call the unborn babies “not people”?

The natural absolute laws are given us by God! Know this!

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