Rational proof of God’s existence

Atheists demand a proof of God’s existence, or, other way, they say, all your Christianity and other religions are fables. Faith is not a proof. You can believe in anything. How faith in Santa Claus, for example, is worse than faith in Jesus Christ, they say? And it’s fair. More in detail topic of faith and knowledge is viewed in my article “Faith and knowledge: serious mistake of Christianity”. More so, burden of proving existence of anything is on those, who claim this existence. Indeed, existence of anything is not obvious, its existence needs to be proven by those, who claim it, and not being disproved by someone who denies it. And existence of God is not obvious, because otherwise nobody would talk about faith. Therefore, it means that we, theists, need prove His existence to ones that disprove it, instead of asking them to disprove it. And existence of God is not obvious, otherwise nobody would be speaking of faith. Therefore, it’s theists, who need to present a proof of God’s existence.

Christians are required to present rational proof, optimally empirical, the one, which is possible to be checked experimentally. Does this proof exist? Yes, it exists. Unfortunately, Christians feel into a horrible delusion, that such a proof does not exist, but it exists and should be known to everybody.

We are searching the Intelligence

Firstly, we need to determine, what exactly we are searching for, whose existence we want to prove, what is meant by the word “God”. It’s obvious, that we are searching for some Intelligence, the supreme Intelligence, and if somebody wanted to say that God is not intelligent, same way as material nature surrounding us, it would be obvious for everybody that it’s not God for sure. Every religion is meaning god as some identity, and identity, as it’s known, is impossible without intelligence. Even worshiping of natural forces by primitive tribes implies that natural forces have some kind of intelligence and are able to be appeased, otherwise, any requests or worshiping would be pointless. The very realization of the mindlessness of the identity you are facing makes communication impossible. Mindless nature cannot direct intelligent creatures how to behave and what to do. It cannot even reply anything, and cannot be begged to do something or not do anything when it’s set in motion by its natural forces.

There is nothing stronger than intelligence

Why intelligence? Why it is obvious? – Somebody unperceptive might ask. That’s because there is nothing stronger than intelligence! Intelligence is the strongest thing that exists in the world. Stronger than one mind, can be only the other mind, stronger mind! We cannot be directed by mindless nature. Nobody, being sane, will not be waiting for directions on what to do, where to go and how to behave from stone or tree. It is the other way around – we take stone and do what we want with it, same way as we can do with nature, surrounding us, if we have sufficient knowledge. Due to their intelligence, humans build houses, protecting them from harmful manifestations of mindless nature, humans build cities, bridges, canals, dams, humans learnt to predict weather and be ready for cataclysms, humans learnt to cure fatal and untreatable once diseases, due to intelligence people are even able to leave their planet! And the stronger the mind of human is, the broader are their abilities and who will tell, where is a limit for it?

It means that we are searching for Intelligence for sure. What is intelligence is known to everybody, even though it’s hard to describe, but every human is an intelligent being and every human has intelligence, and, basically, is that intelligence. With only one reservation: it is limited intelligence. To understand what is intelligence we just need to look inside ourselves, understand ourselves, understand that we are thinking entities. That means we are searching for something, or, more precisely, someone similar to us in terms of having intelligence, we are searching for some thinking entity, that is just much greater and stronger.

Idea of infinite is built into us by nature

Why much greater and stronger, why we are not satisfied by intelligences, similar to ours? That is because we will never be satisfied by limitedness. We will always seek for greater. More so, even after finding intelligences that are far stronger and knowledgeable than our own among other people, we still understand that those intelligences are limited, that they do not possess all the entirety of knowledge, that even those people have something to aspire to. Even our knowledge of the concept of limitedness already indicates existence of the idea of infinity. Concept of limitedness by itself points to infinity. You can say that something is limited only by comparing it to something limitless. Otherwise it’s impossible to say that something is limited and finite. The same way as when we say “mountain” we, by this same statement confirm existence of valley. Idea of limitedness is built into us by nature. And all of us know for sure, that we are limited and our minds are limited and even the smartest human on earth is limited as well. And because we know it, idea of limitless and boundless Intelligence is real. And here we come to the idea of God, as highest, limitless and having all the knowledge, power and perfection Intelligence. To the extent that it’s impossible to know more, have more power and be more complete. We come to Absolute, Eternal, Omnipotent, Perfect, Ideal Intelligence that possesses everything that can exist. Moreover, this idea inevitably means absolute kindness of this Higher Intelligence. Otherwise everything, absolutely everything loses sense.

Surprisingly but very existence of the idea of infinite, eternal and perfect already leads us to thoughts that this idea is inherent to us for a reason. But let’s leave this way of thinking for the other time. We already know what or, to be exact, Who we are looking for. We are looking for Higher, Perfect Intelligence, now we only need to find it’s manifestations. We need to conduct an experiment which would force this Intelligence to show itself. How can we do this?

Criteria of intelligence manifestation

First of all, we need to have a criteria of intelligence manifestation, more so, higher and kind intelligence. We need to know exactly that we deal with intelligence, and not something else. Let’s recall what we know about intelligence in total, and especially what distinguishes it from mindless nature.

  • There is nothing stronger than intelligence, intelligence is stronger than mindless nature, mindless nature can’t order intelligence what to do and how to act properly. Nobody sane will expect orders from stone or tree.
  • Only another intelligence, more powerful and knowledgeable can be stronger and superior to intelligence. Our mind can be ordered on how to act and how to behave only by another intelligence. And only Higher and Perfect Intelligence can set objective laws of behavior for other intelligent creatures, real laws of good and evil and define what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is bad.

And we will add another quality of rational behavior, even though this quality is more related to economics science, but it is universal and absolute by its nature.

  • Rational behavior is the name for sensible and personally beneficial choice. I.e. every intelligent human, given ability to objectively estimate situation will chose, among given options, the most beneficial, economical, convenient and appropriate option. And contrariwise, nobody in sound mind, considering obviosity of knowledge, will not act at their peril or disadvantage. Otherwise, this kind of behavior is called irrational. Obviously, we are only considering material benefit during a lifespan of human, based off materialism, which is professed by atheists, because we are proving existence of God for them.
  • Any intelligent being should behave rationally, i.e. with benefits to itself or minimizing damage if receiving benefit is not possible, which is, basically, the same. Atheists should behave even more rationally, as they reproach theists for irrationality.

Now we have everything to discover some Higher Intelligence, if it exists at all. Criteria for Its manifestation is order to our mind on how to behave and what to do, with us understanding this orders as good, proper behavior against our material and during-lifetime benefit, otherwise it could be counted as our own desire. I.e. if there is something able to force us, with full understanding of discommodity or even harmfulness of some choice for us, to make that choice; or to know that this was the right way to do it, even though we didn’t make this choice, that behaving like that we are acting good and if we will act contrary to it we will act evil. Something able to force us feeling that we need to behave this exact way, not considering if it is beneficial for us or not and even if it’s really harmful to us from material point of view during our life. Mindless nature cannot force us to make choice that is harmful to us. Obviously, there can be complicated situations when we can make mistakes, but I am talking about obviosity of knowledge, when we exactly know what is beneficial and what is harmful.

Moral experiment

Is there an experiment able to display it? Yes there is. It is based on morality. Moral, ethics is what usually acts against our own material and during-life benefit. Here is my moral experiment (be sure to read article linked here for understanding of the written below), which enables us to see difference between during-life benefit and proper, moral behavior. You can conduct this experiment on yourself.

And how can we interpret results of this experiment? There is nothing in mindless nature that could force us to choose option “B”. It is obvious that if only material world exists and our physical life is only and there won’t be another one – we should chose option “A”. What then forces us to know, and feel with such strengths, correctness of option “B”. And not only to feel, but feel like there is no other way around it. It turns out, that there is some moral law, which is built into our mind and which shows us that “A” is bad, evil and “B” is correct, good.

Moral law is a product of intelligence

This law of behavior is for intelligent creatures, exactly because it addresses our mind and orders it what to do and how to act despite of our material or during-life profit. Law of behavior of intelligent creatures can be created (invented) only by other intelligent creature. More so, we understand that this law is the law of nature, that it is objective, real and not invented by human. If it would be invented by human we would be able to change it and would have to do it based on principals of personal profit, but we cannot do it. If there are people who are trying to change it in order to get personal profit, we call those people moral freaks. Because only moral freak can desert, betray dear person, when that person got in great trouble.

Objective law of behavior is a product of Higher Intelligence

This law is a product of intelligence, because it is a law of behavior of intelligent creatures. Being objective, real natural law, not created by human it can be created only by Higher Intelligence, able to create laws of nature, potent enough to do it! More so, this law can be created only by absolutely good and perfect Intelligence, because it is a part of fundamental laws of good and evil!

Answers to counter-arguments

I also considered possible counter-arguments to this proof

Short answer to all counter-arguments would be the same as I said: there is nothing more powerful, than intelligence, and rational behavior is behavior that is personally, materially and during-life profitable, in case of atheism, i.e. absence of any kind of Higher Intelligence.

Materialist and atheist is obliged to choose option “A” in this experiment, otherwise his choice will be personally harmful to him, and thus irrational. And then all the discourse of atheism on rationalism is no more than puff, empty words. How this atheist is more rational than those, in his opinion, irrational Christians, if he, himself, behaves irrationally. Atheism, in this case, loses its base of rational behavior, which it positions itself on with such pride. But if atheist choses option “A”, he drops all the masks of atheism. This is the essence of atheism and materialism, that by excluding God, they are excluding morality. Cause there is no possibility for real and objective moral without Higher Intelligence that invented it, no way for existence of objective laws of good and evil and every rationally and logically thinking human should act based on personal profit, which means choosing option “A”. And it is the true, obvious and vile moral deformity.

Every decent, honest and fair person knows that it is correct to choose option “B”. And chooses this option. And if this person, on top of that, is logically thinking, they are admitting a Higher Intelligence above them, that created moral laws of nature and, this way, obeying this Intelligence acts rationally. Cause it’s rational to follow demands of a Higher, Omnipotent and Good Intelligence, that created laws of good and evil.

It means that Christians are the ones acting rationally, when they chose option “B”. They act rationally exactly because they admit existence of God, who is the creator of these moral laws, which every human feels as objective law of behavior for intelligent creatures.

Euthyphro dilemma can be brought up as the last counter-argument, as an attempt to deny that morality is created by God. And I have a great answer for it.


So, existence of God is possible to prove experimentally, and more so, everyone can experiment on himself to discover moral law inside their own mind, which directs us what to do and how to behave, even contrary to our profit. It directs us in such a way, that we perceive this direction as the exclusively right, good and absolute. That is manifestation of Higher Intelligence, as there is no other explanation to it.

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