Rational proof of God’s existence

Atheists demand a proof of God’s existence, or, other way, they say, all your Christianity and other religions are fables. Faith is not a proof. You can believe in anything. How faith in Santa Claus, for example, is worse than faith in Jesus Christ, they say? And it’s fair. More in detail topic of faith […]

Where did Universe come from?

Where did universe come from

From time to time, I am running into news about another theory on origin of the Universe in my news feed on Facebook. Sometimes those theories are just ridiculous, sometimes – insane. And, even if you will look it up on Wikipedia, for some reason, you will find not one, but lots of different theories on origin of the Universe. Even though currently the Big Bang theory the most recognized, nevertheless, as well as the other theories, it does not completely satisfy humanity. But why so?

Proving freedom of will based on justice

On my site there’s already an article on proving freedom of will: Freedom of will exists. But somebody might feel like that proof, I’ve written, is not enough. After lots of discussions, I’ve came to a clear understanding of what exactly is the main proof of the freedom of will, let’s call it initial source. […]

Freedom of will – new point of view

I would recommend you to begin with reading a Wikipedia article on this topic, so that you would be able to get to know the main opinions on this matter. From all opinions, described there, I’m claiming to have a bit different, I would say a new point of view. To being, I’ll say that […]

Pacifism and God

Recently i encounter a pretty weird, in my opinion, point of view in terms war, military, law enforcement organizations, law enforcement system and a whole organization of country in total.

Is God cruel?

I meet this question in one or another form so often lately: Why is God cruel? Especially atheists and god-fighters play a trump this question. They pay attention on cruel, at first sight, acts or commands of God, particularly in Old Testament.

About natural human rights or How the UN admitted the existence of God

The topic of fight for human rights was always very popular and actual, and nowadays it is obvious that all people have got natural and inalienable rights. But what or who is the source of these rights? What rights are really natural and and inalienable and what are not? Can such rights as right on abortion or special rights for sexual minorities be natural?

Where did God come from?

It seems like a very simple question and every believer should know an easy answer on it. But if we google a little bit and read the answers of the Christians and the contrarguments of atheists it shows that everything is not so simple, clear and easy.