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Faith and knowledge or serious mistake of Christianity

Preparing to my first lesson at Sunday school in our church, I saw a terrible mistake, that maybe all Christianity in general does nowadays. The first lesson was devoted to Faith! «What is so terrible here?» – you can ask me, and somebody perhaps will take the stones and be ready for the fight.

And what the most terrible is that most Christians think that the question of God`s existence is the question of faith. The programme of Sunday school begins from the idea that children simply must believe that God exists! But the very fact of accepting the existence of God is not the faith! If we are going to built all Christianity only on the believing in Gods existence – we will be like people who build their houses on the sand. Why did we decide that we must believe in the existence of God? I don’t know who has made this mistake for the first time and why it is so difficult to change it in our minds, so I leave this question for the historians, but this mistake should be corrected immediately what I am doing right now.

So what is the faith? I would define the word in such a way:

Faith is something that you are sure in that is based only on trust and authority of the source that has informed you this.

The important feature (peculiarity) of this meaning is obligatory existence of the source that informed something or in other way faith without trustworthy source is the most stupid foolishness and extreme irrationality. Most of definitions of faith are without reminds about source. That’s why I don’t want to refer to Wikipedia because definitions that are given there are not correct and they are with the negative meaning of the question. Atheists used the mistake of Christians and here we should admit our failure for the further attack.

So taking in consideration what is written here, faith in God is based on the authority of those who told us this: parents, relatives, friends, Sunday school teachers. And now appears one more question of confrontation between trust and authority of these people with authority of scientists, teachers and professors of state schools, art and movie “stars”, non-believer friends. Not always the authority of parents and Sunday school teachers can win in this fight. But the very strong impact on the faith in existence of God is even not from the authority of the opposite side but it is made of logical and wise reasons to assume the offensive.

It is simple. They give Christians some rather logical and wise reasons against existence of God and usually most of Christians don’t know the right answer at this question because they don’t teach this not only in Sunday school, but even in high Christian educational institutions, and even if they teach something like this it became out of date for minimum 50 or 150 years. So they give a simple answer ”I believe and that’s all! ” And now atheists with a huge sarcasm and malicious joy can say “And we believe in a flying spaghetti monster!!! And our faith is not worthier than Christian faith.”

To say seriously, Christians should ask a rather logical and natural question “Why the faith in existence of God Jehovah – Jahve is more correct and better than the faith in Allah, Khrishna or Zeus? ” And the answer is “I don’t know!”. When Christians say “I simply believe” the representative of another religion can say the same “And I simply believe!”. And he also will be right in his religion? Because his parents told him to believe in god that they have believed in and their authority is valuable for him.

The question of existence of God is not the question of faith but of knowledge! I don’t know who and when told that it is impossible to prove nor disapprove the existence of God and in such a way all Christianity was left without the foundation of faith. And the Christianity accepted this great mistake. But it isn’t like that. It is possible to prove simply and explicitly the existence of God. And when we`ll prove the existence of God as the Highest Rational Creature, we can continue with the Bible and prove that the Bible is the only correct artificial source of information about real God. So taking into consideration that only in God from the Bible the paradox of omnipotence can be solved.

And only after this we can look at faith! Because we know now that God exists really and that the Bible is the only trustworthy and reliable source and we can unconditionally trust it! And only now our faith has got the real, strong foundation! The foundation of rational knowledge! The faith should stand on this knowledge. The faith without knowledge is at least the foolishness and sometimes even the fanaticism.

So what should we believe in? If the question of existence of God is not the question of faith, so what is the question of faith then? So… the question of faith is everything that is written in the Bible! It is enough for me to know that God exists and that the Bible is the information from this God and now leaning on the absolute authority of God I can confidently believe everything that is written in the Bible. I believe that Jesus suffered on the cross for me. I believe that He resurrected on the third day. I believe that because of this fact I will resurrect too. I believe in the second coming of Christ. I believe in the Last Judgement. I don’t know all this for sure, I can not prove or verify this. But I believe God because I know that He exists and that the Scripture is His Word.

It’s important not to confuse what to believe and what to know! Faith in God means trust, belief, confidence in God, His Word and His promises. Here is the example of rational knowledge the existence of God in Bible.

For the director of music. Of David.

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”

Psalm 14:1(a)

Pay attention that it is written Fool about man who denies God, so a man who admits the existence of God is a Wise one. Bible says that the question of the existence of God is the question of intellect and knowledge. By the way I could many times test this practically. What is the most interesting that sometimes materialists not having rational explanation of their choice in moral experiment called themselves mentally normal! And this proves once again the power and truth of God`s Word!

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