Where did God come from

Where did God come from?

It seems like a very simple question and every believer should know an easy answer on it. But if we google a little bit and read the answers of the Christians and the contrarguments of atheists it shows that everything is not so simple, clear and easy.

That’s why I have a desire to write my own variant of the answer

To be honest this question is inconsistent and improper actually. And usually believers give a right answer that God is eternal and He appeared from nowhere, that He always was, He is and He will be forever.  But the opponents usually ask:

  • But why is God eternal?
  • If the universe needs a reason in God, then why God doesn’t need the reason or why the universe is not eternal?
  • Who told that God is eternal?
  • How can you prove that God is eternal?
  • And so on…

And here at the moment something is wrong, not so clear and plain. Usually Christians use the Bible as an argument not taking into consideration that this book is not the authority for non-believers and that is the main problem of the question. We need the generally accepted arguments. This question belongs to such kinds of questions that can’t be proved by only one Bible. Here we must use logic, philophy and laws of the universe. Why do we Christians forget that the whole world is created by God and that “… For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen …” So let’s show God to the atheists through the creation if the Bible is not the authority for them.

Let’s take the philosophy, logic and mathematics and let’s answer philosophically.

Firstly we need to understand clearly the meaning of the word “God”. We will use the generally accepted source.

God is a name of Almighty supernatural Creation in theism and deism. In monotheism Abraham’s religions God is supposed to be a personality and personification of the Absolute as an  uncomprehending trancedent private God (God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob), and as a demonstration of higher reality as the only single God who doesn’t have any similar creatures.

It is important to specify, that we talk about God of monotheistic abrahamic religions. And this determination of the word “God” we use, because such understanding of God is accepted by most people, because most inhabitants of the earth belong to these religions.

Here is said that God is a personification of the Absolute. And what  then is the Absolute? This is a philosophical concept.

Absolute ( from Lat. absolustus – unconditional, unlimited, irrespective, perfect)  is a fundamental principle of the world, foundation of the whole  Being, eternal and permanent, that is meant as the only, general, the very first and that is opposed to comparative and conditional Being.

So, God is the Absolute. This be very important to know and understand. A self concept “God” already plugs in itself that He is the Absolute.

And what does it mean? It means that God is absolutely eternal, if He is the Absolute.
And what is eternal? Eternal means that something does not have an end! That never ends. Endless.

Or moreover eternal is something that regardless to the time according to its nature is out and over the time.

Examples from science:
A geometrical ray and geometrical line are endless, they do not have an end. Thus, geometrical ray  is relatively endless, because it does not have an end, but has beginning. And geometrical line is absolutely endless because it has neither beginning nor end. Opposite to the geometrical segment that has beginning and end. It means that science that is so loved by scientists operates concepts endless for a long time. Thus, there are two types of endless: absolute as a ray and absolute as a line. These two concepts are not sucked from a finger or taken from ceiling- they are a scientific fact. Or do atheists have something against science?

 Therefore the philosophical concept of the absolute has a fully scientific basis.

And when we talk about God, we mean that He is the Absolute, it is meant that He is absolutely eternal and endless and has neither beginning nor end like a geometrical line. It is incorrectly to put a question «Where did God come from?» The same situation with a question: “And where did begin a line”? Next time answer an atheist: “I will say you where God is from, when you will show me the beginning of a geometrical line”.

It is important to specify, that in this article, I do not try to prove existence of God, and finiteness of universe. These are themes for other articles. I simply draw an analogy clear to the people for whom the higher authority is science. And I only specify the philosophical understanding of term “God”, and also how we should apply the term. If we talk about God, we must have the generally accepted philosophical determination of this concept. We with non-believers should have the common denominator, the general foundation on the basis of which we can have a constructive discussion. If non- believers began to speak about God they must understand what means this concept.

God is Absolute!

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