Proving freedom of will based on justice

On my site there’s already an article on proving freedom of will:

Freedom of will exists. But somebody might feel like that proof, I’ve written, is not enough. After lots of discussions, I’ve came to a clear understanding of what exactly is the main proof of the freedom of will, let’s call it initial source. Why exactly did people accept principal of freedom of will as an undeniable fact, as axiom.

All of our knowledge about surrounding world is built on objective senses, like vision, audition, smelling, taste and touch. But it’s not only about physical senses; besides them we also have a non-material senses. For example: a sense of morality.

In moral sense we can distinguish a sense of justice. I would say, that it’s a special sense, which is obligatorily influencing any decisions in relationships between people. It’s, probably, the brightest and most used component of moral sense, if you would let me put it this way. And that’s because our sense of justice is a basis for our whole law enforcement system. And in substance, a main purpose of law and law enforcement system existence is for recovering and maintaining of justice in society. Had we not an objective feeling of justice, had we not known what is justice and had we not felt (or understand it) the same way, we would never have been able to create a law system, that we have, both international and national, cause every law system is based on justice. And exactly cause of objective sense of justice any judge can adjudicate justly, exactly because every single one of us has, generally, the same sense of justice and that’s why we can judge about justness or unjustness of decision by any court.

Most revolutions, are, actually, happening due to violation of justice. When sense of justice gives such a great disturbance at deeds of government, at corruption in court and cynical adjudications made by them, that people just can’t tolerate this anymore. That’s how revolutions happen. And revolution in Ukraine, revolution of human dignity, to call it correctly, is a direct confirmation of it.

Sense of justice is a really strong sense! People are willing to die for the justice itself!

But for the existence of justice, for normal functioning of the sense of justice there is one required and irreplaceable condition.

Existence of the freedom of will.

Without existence of freedom of will any punishment becomes unjust! Cause it’s required for human, for being responsible about his deeds, to be a cause of those deeds. In other words, to be having a freedom of will. Freedom of will is a required condition for carrying responsibility by a human being for its deeds. Let’s try to imagine that there is no freedom of will and our sense of justice is getting kind of jammed. It so happens, that we will be always feeling that any punishment or blame is unjust. So what is the point of this sense, if without freedom of will it will always give us the same output: “any punishment is unjust”. Why do we have that sense, if there’s no freedom of will? This sense, then, becomes pointless and unnecessary, and even harmful, cause that way anarchy would have to settle down in society, cause punishment is applied to restore justice, but without freedom of will restoring justice is impossible, cause just punishment is only possible for the person that has freedom of will. Without freedom of will it so happens that every crime is automatically having lunacy or influence of force majeure status applied to them. For example: security of bank can’t be responsible for stolen money, if robbers, having an obvious advantage in force, beat him up and tied him up. Security couldn’t have interrupted the robbery and so, he can’t be responsible for loss of money. Without freedom of will, every criminal should be justified, based on the fact, that was not his will to act like that as he was forced by circumstances to act that way and he couldn’t act in different way in principal. And so, it means, that punishing him would be unjust.

If there would be no freedom of will, there would be no sense of justice, cause it would be pointless, worthless and harmful, without existence of freedom of will. Same way as animals that leave in environment with no light have no eyes. They just don’t need eyes due to uselessness. But we have eyes, so there is a light, which we perceive. And even if someone would have to live in a place without light since their very childhood, we could still guess that there has to be light by existence of eyes!

Same applies to sense of justice. If it exists, there has to be a freedom of will! Freedom of will is required condition for normal functioning of sense of justice! And if we are able to distinguish just from unjust, it means, that freedom of will for sure exists. Other way we wouldn’t have been able to distinguish just from unjust. Same way, as we couldn’t distinguish objects if we would be in darkness. We can distinguish just from unjust only with existence of freedom of will.

Same way as we can state, that there is a light by being able to distinguish objects with our eyes, we can say that freedom of will exists by being able to distinguish just from unjust.

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